Kindly welcoming these hard-chug steaming ’90s style “ignorant” kiddos!

Tampa’s Three Knee Deep might be the most ignorant band in the game. They’re the band you throw on when Never Ending Game feels a little too subtle and intellectual.

Three Knee Deep are named after a prison-slang term for warning-stabbing. Their music is thunderous hard-chug ’90s style goon-music, with vocals that are either death-metal grunt-bellows or, more often, straight-up mook-rapping. Some of the tracks are rap instrumentals that suddenly give way to groove-metal lurches. There’s some serious rap-metal influence at work on Three Knee Deep’s music — to the point where they’ll put DJ scratches on a breakdown — but that only adds to the socially-maladjusted street-fighting force of this stuff. This is that real beat-you-up music.

Three Knee Deep released the debut EP Wrong World in 2017, and they followed it up with a two-song demo in 2019. In March 2020 released their self-titled full-length debut via Triple B Records.