With such a pleasure, we are introducing our second band in our roster, whose members come from Australia!

Returning from their first Stateside trip in 2019, where they tore the roof off SXSW, Ratking have just released their epic new cover single “Come out and play” (Originally from the album Smash by The Offspring) as they ready themselves for a busy front half of 2020 preparing for their third EP alongside multiple AAA international support slots (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Jesus Piece etc).

Making it their mission to tour as much of the world as possible, the five-piece originally from Australia have thus far collected flags from Indonesia, Japan, Korea and the US!In a very short amount of time Ratking have added their own fingerprint to the ever-expanding universe of hardcore; blending elements of punk rock, metal and thrash in a way that is both familiar and unique. From 2013’s Wastelander EP, to their 2014 debut album Commonwealth, to 2018’s incendiary SERF EP, each subsequent Ratking release has marked the ongoing evolution of the band as songwriters and performers.