With such a pleasure we are welcoming a North American nu-metal band FLASH BACK. 

An ultimatum stemming from the 1999 science fiction film The Matrix, Flash Back are the auditory embodiment of unravelling the fabric of humankinds perceived reality via diving down the rabbit hole. 

Formed in November of 2018, Flash Back are hellbent on accepting the harsh reality of their simulated existence while simultaneously harnessing the nü metal sounds of their youth. Blending elements of the culture of their youth, such as Linkin Park and PlayStation 2, with modern aesthetics and technology, Flash Backare picking up where nü metal left off and keeping it rolling with a fresh new twist. 

Falling heir to an obsession of 2000s pop culture from their older siblings, Flash Back are recapturing the feeling of a movement that they witnessed only a glimpse of. Evolving from a vast variety of musical backgrounds, including death-metal, indie-pop, hardcore, and post-rock, Flash Back continue to find new ways to infuse atmospheric emotions and dramatic climaxes into a genre notoriously known for it’s hard-hitting choruses and action-packed grooves. 

Having multiple producers in the band, Flash Back continually develop a strong relationship with the physical and technological worlds by incorporating an endless stream of samples, synthesizers and turntables that solidify the band’s distinct identity.

Releasing an EP in April of 2019 and a two-song promo in the summer of 2020, Flash Back show no signs of easing their grip of reality’s neck. With plans to dominate North America cut-short due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Flash Back have altered their aim to the digital world with the release of new music and an audio/visual experience unlike ever before. With no end in sight, Flash Back are dead set on continuing to blend the population’s perceived reality with their take on the simulation of life.