Interview with Flush

Hey guys, thank you for your time for this interview! How are you doing these times? The pandemic going on all around the world – how does it look like in Korea at this moment? Did it affect you somehow?

Yes, the pandemic took our ordinary life like other countries. It’s better than Europe or America but Korea is suffering too. It’s hard to have a show.

Can you introduce us to the scene in your country? Is it as strong as you imagine it could be? Are there any of your favorite bands people should check? Name us at least 5 South Korean’s HC / Punk bands please.

Our scene is not that big as in other countries, but we do gather very well. Bands, great surporters, webzine with photographer, and scene members who is against any discriminations. There used to be a promoting record called ‘Townhall Records’ but now there’s no more. Lately, some of new generation band members and people gathered from hxc scene to make ‘True Color Collective’ and ‘Make Me Dance’ Booking. For more information, our guitarist Jason with his girlfriend participate in them. We recommand ‘Burn My Bridges’ , ‘All I Have’ , ‘Gumiho’ , ‘Martyrs’ , and ‘No Shelter’. Especially Jason is the member of ‘No Shleter’, too. Also there are a lot of great punk/hardcore bands in Korea, too.

Are you guys all straight edge and if yes, was the band sxe from the beginning you started to play?

Not the all members. Only our leader Jun Ki and guitarist Jason are straight edge. Leader Jun ki is straight edge so it affected a lot in our music and message. From the beginning of the band.

You were touring in Europe last year, was it good for you? Did you experience something here you won’t ever forget or regret?

We will never forget our shows in Europe. Great bands, audiences and even awesome surporters! Our the most unforgettable show was a restroome show in Belgium, a show with Judge in Swiss and a show with other youthcrew bands in France Paris. We are ready to go Europe again anytime!

Can you tell us which bands inspired you the whole time?

Have Heart is the best. Their message move our hearts and their sounds make us feel alive.

In Europe we have youth center’s as venues for DIY bands. What kind of places for venues exist in South Korea?

GBN Live House is a punk/hardocre bands’ venue in Seoul. There are some venus in SK but other genre bands play there. Hardcore bands usually play in GBN. Some bands as Turnstile for example come to your country often to play, are there any events where only SK bands play as support? Many bands have been creating and writing new music in the time without shows, how about you? We are also doing that. We sometimes write songs and practice. Even though we are having hard times, we’ve released our EP ’Put it all back’ in July 2020. The song has very exciting and realistice lyrics, it would be great gifts to many hardcore fans.