About us

We are kindly welcoming you to our page, we’d like to share few words about Stay True Agency and it’s becoming !

The story begun in 2018 but the journey overall was longer. We started step by step, little by little, and from booking, creating DYI events we moved onto promoting shows. Recently we have teamed up with Flo from Rosswein, from now on our member, and we freshly started a great collaboration together! Now we are working and cooperating with bands, some of them smaller, just on their way to start, and some of them bigger. We are trying to support them as well as support culture, music and art. Our goal lies in creating long-lasting relationships, community and in spreading morality and humanity.

And just in case you’re wondering, the logo of our agency was created by Tom’s nephew who was by that time only 8-years-old. Not only the logo, but our agency as well, was created to remind us not to forget our dreams from childhood and that they still could become real. We are unhappy about the fact people tend to forget, about the fact they are tied to their obligations of the “adult world” and that’s why we wanted to create this Agency, to truly fulfil the path we are taking and to never simply forget our dreams.

Our logo / 2018

Never forget to stay true to your dreams and desires, don’t be scared, you know who you are and who you always wanted to be.